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Welcome to Free Life Web

Welcome (or maybe welcome back?) to Free Life Web. It’s a fun web project with a positive mission – to share information, inspiration and discussion dedicated to a free life for human beings- whose first iteration was created five years ago. The thing has been offline for a long while, mostly forgotten, but occasionally being pared back and rejigged before sharing it again. The mistake I made with the original website was to pour too much writing into it before sharing it, and then write very little by the way of new blog posts! I dreamed of a site that stimulated some discussion, but very little took place.

This time around I undertake to contribute a post at least weekly, and in the hope of keeping a conversation going, I urge readers to please post comments, with critical, thoughtful, questioning ones greatly valued. I also humbly invite any reader who wants to say something at length around the themes that the site emcompasses, to contribute posts themselves if they feel the inclination. This can easily be arranged by emailing me via the “Contact” form.

For now, welcome, and please have a click around if the basic premise of the site sounds of interest to you. My hope is that a life affirming theme will allow some vigorous discussion while avoiding the tedious “left and right politics” we hear so much of. We all love to live, and want happiness, and want to provide for our human needs without wasting so much energy on abstractions like “money” and “debt”. When it comes to a free life, “looney left anarchists” can happily agree with “rabid right libertarians”, if we see past our abscract labels to our shared humanity.

The site is now pared back to an assortment of theme related external links, with a little commentary on the subjects under “Links” and “Networks” in the top menu. Every post and all internal pages are open to comments, which to begin with, should upload without review.

Enjoy! I look forward to a conversation with you…