The open source software community is dedicated to providing free software for everyone to use, from simple applications to packaged operating systems. Free software is a vital part of maintaining a free internet and free media.

To find free software for any computing task, enter into your web search engine the tool or task you want and the phrase “open source” (open source gives you the truly free software, as opposed to tricks like trial periods etc).  An excellent website dedicated to open source downloads and development is SourgeForge.

Free software is usually just as good, and often functions better, than commercial equivalents. A widely used example is the Web browser, Firefox.

The most advanced computing systems in the word do not use commercial operating systems like Windows or Mac – they use Linux based operating systems. These systems are available for free, with free updates and free support. An easily installed and very easy to use Linux based Operating System is Ubuntu, which comes packaged with a suite of free software including all the usual tools – web browser, word processor, publisher and other office software, image manipulator, media player, disc burner, etc.


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