Free Media

We need a free internet for free speech and free thought! There are many independent media services online – a few links are provided below.

Monopolised mass media is a powerful tool for repression of free thought.  Open, decentralised media is a powerful tool for information sharing, networking, learning and emancipation.  The internet is a great source of free, uncensored media – anybody can publish online and be potentially accessible to a global audience. From distinguished investigative journalists, to everyday people expressing unconventional, radical or even nutty ideas, it doesn’t matter – readers can make their own minds up about the usefulness of the information they access.  A free internet is something worth fiercely protecting.

This site is built on‘s free blog service, which is one example of numerous freely available web publishing tools. If you can’t publish your thoughts and ideas sufficiently on existing websites, go ahead and publish your own.


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