Carcinogenic dyes that affect behaviour and learning, addictive obesity causing flavour enhancers and other noxious chemicals are known as “food additives” and hidden in a confusing number system on food labels. These toxins are often found in food marketed to children, that is usually also packed with sugar, salt and/or fat.

How could synthetic chemicals designed to kill things by poisoning be safe when applied broadscale to farmland? Cancer, neurological disorders, birth defects and widespread ecotoxicity including major soil food web and food chain disturbances, are all strongly connected to the cocktail of pesticides used on so much of our farmland. The “chemical warfare” approach to farming is not a sustainable way of producing food in any case. Taking out any link in the ecological web only creates more disturbance and imbalance, creating a “treadmill” of pesticide and fertiliser use – the chemical companies are not complaining….

Practical tips for reducing your family’s chemical exposure.

Many of the same corporations that produce pesticides and other poisons also produce pharmaceuticals. The most profitable drugs are those that treat, but cannot cure, chronic illness. Drug companies are now in the business of marketing illness, and selling drugs to the healthy, making them sick.


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