Ecology is the study of the interactions, interconnectedness, and synergy between living things and their environment, and the cyclical processes, energy flow harnessing and organisation that are inherent in natural, living systems.  Natural processes provide all our needs via sunlight energy, biodiversity, water, soil and all natural resources. To fully harness these free ecosystem services, we just require an understanding of the deeply interconnected nature of being, and the appropriate channeling of our human imagination, intention and co-operative capacity. Ecology shows us that we are totally interconnected- for every breath we take and every bite of food we eat, we rely on other living beings.

If as a society we recognise the fact that society is a subsystem of the ecosystem, then destroying and degrading ecosystem components and services is recognised as pure suicidal madness, and building biodiversity and ecosystem resilience is recognised as the imperative for building a free life.



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