Free Resources – This index is designed to provide resources that relate to free, sustainable, convivial living.  Some resources are simply links to external sites, and some are documents stored at this domain that you can easily download and save. Links and files will be progressively added, starting from a minimal base, and users of the site are encouraged to add to this process. To add more resources, or suggest more resources to add, please email in via the Contact page. Resources will always acknowledge authorship and will often be in the form of a link to the author’s website. Please contact Free Life Web if you come across any breaches of copyright or related issues. 

Resource pages provide for commentary and discussion on their content. Please feel free to comment on resources to dispute, support or otherwise discuss the content. 

Human health is quite simple, so why do we have a health crisis? Many of the world’s people go hungry, while the more privileged suffer from over-feeding. Mental health problems and chronic degenerative and cancerous diseases are rampant in affluent society, causing prolonged suffering and spiralling costs. If our basic needs, that should be considered basic human rights, are allowed to be provided to us by nature, our health takes care of itself, both in the individual and whole communities. We need the love of family, friends and community, spiritual-creative fulfilment, and bodily needs of clean, living air and water, and living, nutritious food from living soil. 

Agriculture resources – principles of providing for human needs through sustainable, regenerative natural resource management. Agriculture provides us with our needs for food and fibre, and contributes to our needs for building materials and energy. Sustainable agri-culture includes sustainable social and economic structures as well as sustainable methods, techniques and tools. Technology for sustainable agriculture is human knowledge, creativity and management intensive rather than capital-intensive. Working with natural processes, biodiversity and the interconnectedness of being, highly resilient, independent, locally adapted agro-ecological systems can be developed. 

Living organisms and living systems have an intrinsic capacity to create organisation from chaos, and abundance from organisation. The organisational power of human co-operation, positive intention and meaningful work can create diverse, bountiful, resilient landscapes and convivial, peaceful, adaptable communities. 


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