Locality Directory

This directory is designed to allow users to search for groups, networks, co-ops, sustainable businesses, community supported agriculture etc, operating in their local area.

At this stage, Free Life Web is based in the Great Lakes area of the Australian east coast, so the first locality listed is here. The directory can expand as and when the need arises. To add your locality to the directory, email in via the Contact page.


One response to “Locality Directory

  1. The Ecological Agriculture Australia Association (EAAA)formed in November 2009. It is a not for profit incorporated entity dedicated to promoting ecological practices as they impact on ecology, farming, ethics, education, and fodd. Other objectives include:

    1. Fostering ways of thinking that enhance an understanding of biodiversity and its value, reflects awareness of connections and relationships, and appreciates the power of systems and emergent properties.
    2. Raising the profile of ecological farming processes and its relevance to the needs of an Australian society facing diminishing oil reserves and concerns regarding climate change.
    3. Appreciate that humans are one thread amongst many threads in the web of life. To recognize and respect all forms of life.
    4. Promoteing an ecological approach to sustainability in the interest of generations to follow.
    5. Supporting policies that encourages the growth of communities as a fundamental component of ecological thinking and behaviour.

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