Networking online is free and easy, and it’s a key use of this lovely tool we call the world-wide web, and it’s a powerful force for Free Life. Networks unleash the power of co-operation and shared purpose, allowing us to freely share thoughts and ideas worldwide, and organise for local grassroots action.

People co-operating for a common goal can achieve exponentially more than individuals working in isolation.  Shared ideas, skills and resources and the interplay between individuals with planning, strategy, and on-ground action creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Groups generally need at least one or two driven individuals to take extra responsibility for organising, but a “horizontal”, egalitarian group structure where all group members interact as equals, provides an effective, creative group by maximizing the participation and responsibility of each participant. Groups may form to achieve a defined goal and then disband, or may have an ongoing “mission”. A group may be two or three people getting together in their neighbourhood for a purpose, right up to global networks.

The most important work for most groups is on-ground, in each other’s physical presence, but the internet provides a useful tool. Websites  are good for promoting groups and publishing group information like upcoming dates and resources, and for open forums, networking and organising.  Email lists are an easy way for groups to instantly share information within the group without making it public. This website offers links to existing group spaces, and can provide a free website space for groups or networks with a mission related to sustainability and/or human empowerment, to help organise activities and share ideas. If you are interested in assisting to build a locality based network of networks, or your group or network would like to create a link or page on this domain, please send an email via the contact page.



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