Free Life Web is dedicated to the simple truth that a free life is possible.  The living Earth will provide for our needs as human beings freely and abundantly if we positively organise our great human potential in a spirit of love and compassion.
This site aims to help you connect with ideas, tools and networks for empowering individuals and communities building a free life.  It is offered as a perpetual work in progress, open to commentary and critique.  All pages are open to instantly uploaded comments and discussion, but moderation may be applied based on the principles outlined in this link.
This website is not for negative or reactive fighting against anything. The “system” and its various structures and tools for domination will evaporate like the grand illusion it is, when we cease wasting our energy feeding it.
We can go ahead and create a free world with our every day actions. With this in mind, Free Life Web is intended for peaceful, positive and proactive organising, discussion and inspiration to be applied on the ground.
Users interested in publishing to the blog and/or networking via this site, please  express your interest (as an individual blog contributor  or as a group using the domain as an online space for networking), by contacting the administrator via the form on the Contact page.





It’s all free.

Free to be, free to think

Free to doubt, free to act

Free to reflect, free to observe and interact

Free to ride carefree on the eternal waves of change

Free to wander along the unnameable Way

Free food and free shelter

From free sunshine and air

On free soil and free people with compassion to share